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A journey of fear, pain, uncertainty and…… Love! Based on a true life account and the coming together of two people from two very different backgrounds.


So in 2019 here we were, a thousand miles apart, living in different countries and trying to work out our future. How did it get to this? We have been together for 20 years and happily married for 6 1/2 of those. The strange thing about how this all came about is that august 2019, we sold all our ‘worldly goods’ and set off on our ‘Dream Journey’ to start a new life in Gibraltar. A journey that we felt was going to be exciting, full of adventure and was going to give us those answers to life that we had been so desperately seeking. We both adore each other without question so why are we not living together, sharing our ‘dreams’, working on our future goals and taking the rough with the smooth that was inevitably going to face us on our travels? We had only lived abroad for 4 months, are we just heading into a total disaster regarding our marriage, will this be the breaking point that neither one of us could envisage, or is this the ‘awakening’ that will rip our hearts to bits but where we soldier on and help each other to repair the broken bits of our lives that have led us down this path in life?

They say that time is a great healer but time it’s self seems to be our biggest enemy at the moment……

A journey usually has a beginning but this particular journey started many years ago when we were younger. This is where we now realise that the problems we are facing today may have manifested from events that have accumulated over the years. We are two very different people and have led two very different lives. As we have grown we have become increasingly aware of the ‘Spiritual Awakening’ that is happening on a global scale, affecting each and every one of us whether we know it or not…… Life around us has changed at a phenomenal speed, often difficult for us all to keep up with at times. Upon reflection, this is where it becomes apparent that life continues around you, ‘feeding’ your persona with traits and quirks that later become YOU!

We both have our own story to tell of course and this is what makes our Blog different….

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